SIN CITY DIARIES episode 3: Con Man


Written by Doug Miller and directed by John Quinn, this episode switches up things for this series a bit, by putting Angelica (Amber Smith) and her staff in spotlight. Specifically Elena Talan’s character Sasha is the main focus, as we learn here that she was a secret past from her life growing up in Russia that no one in America knows about.

I’ll try not to spoil too much (because I know you all really care about story spoilers), but Kenyon Holmes plays Boris, a man from Sasha’s past who comes to Las Vegas from Russia and blackmails her into getting him into some private high stakes card came that Angelica has arranged for some of her important clients, his goal is to cheat to win, which could end up hurting Angelica’s business. He also has a violent streak, which could be deadly. I’ll say no more.

We get three full sex scenes, Kenyon has a scene with Melinda Czibula, who plays some woman Boris is with back in Russia, and Elena and Kenyon have a scene together (this is before Sasha realizes what Boris is up to). Jacob Daniel plays the client who is hosting the card game and he has a sex scene with Hillary Scott who plays his girlfriend.

The sex scenes are all hot enough, but I can’t say they were enough to elevate this episode. The story just didn’t grab me, Boris didn’t seem as menacing as he was supposed to be, I don’t know if that’s the fault of the actor or the writing. When we learn what Sasha’s secret is, I can see what she’s ashamed of it but not so much that she couldn’t just come clean to Angelica. It does lead to a good scene between Elena and Amber, who gets to show off her acting skills, however.

Overall I’d say this is an okay episode of this series, but not a great one. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS


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