Losing Control

This 1998 film is written by David Keith Miller and directed by Julie Jordan, and it stars one of the greatest softcore actresses of that era, the incomparable Kira Reed Lorsch (just known as Kira Reed, at the time).

Kira plays Kim Ward, an erotica/romance novelist who has been in a slump lately. We learn that she recently got dumped by her fiance, and since then she’s had writer’s block. Anneliza Scott plays Kim’s publisher, Alexa, who is anxious for Kim to complete a new book in time for a summer release. Alexa thinks that Kim needs to go out and try to date again, and meet a new man, to get over her ex and get back to writing, but Kim is reluctant to try.

One night while out at a bar, Kim meets a handsome stranger, played by Doug Jeffery. He strikes up a conversation with her, but he won’t tell her his name. The two of them end up in the basement having sex. This sets off an ongoing affair, which is more like a game, where the two of them engage in sexual acts under daring circumstances, including sex in public places and in other people’s homes. Yet the man still won’t tell Kim his name or anything about himself, even as he learns more and more about her.

Alexa is happy, as this sparks Kim’s writing again, but as some of the sexual encounters escalate, including one where the man tricks her into having sex with another man (yeah, that’s technically rape), Kim becomes worried that it’s going too far. She hires a detective named Jay (Clay Greenbush) to find out who this man is. But when she finds herself being sexually drawn to Jay as well, things start to get dangerous.

I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting the dark direction that the film took. Early on I was predicting that the man was hired by Alexa to seduce Kim, as that would explain how he knew so much about her. And maybe they’d fall in love for real, after arguing about his deception. But “erotic thrillers” were big around that time, so I get what this film was going for.

Kira Reed Lorsch really was incredible, in addition to being sexy as fuck, she was (is) a talented actress. And Doug Jeffery was also one of the better male actors in softcore. It’s a testament to the chemistry that Kira and Doug have that they manage to carry this film so well, as they have the majority of the screentime, including repeated sex scenes, and it never gets boring watching the same couple over and over again (Kira also has a hot lesbian scene with Jennifer Ludlow).

Dark story, hot sex, good times. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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