Redfoot #1

Written by Alfredo Rodriguez and drawn by Diego Toro, this comic book was published by Arcana Studio. It introduces us to an 8-year-old boy named Jake, whom we learn a year earlier was in an accident in the science lab of his school, which gave him the power to run at 80 miles an hour and also stick to walls by his feet, like Spider-Man. A side effect is that the soles of his feet have turned red. The only person who knows about his powers is his friend and classmate, Sophie, who convinced him to create a costume and use his powers to become a superhero.

Jake (no last name is mentioned) lives in Centric City with his mother, who is addicted to watching telenovelas and often acts as over-dramatic as the TV characters, and his infant sister Valerie. No father is seen or mentioned, so it’s unclear if his mother is single or not.

This 43-page comic features two full-length adventures. In the first one, a supervillain called Negative Obsessive is threatening to destroy an ariel cable car, in the second a supervillain called Groovy Goldfish is attacking the city with a giant octopus. Red Foot must use his wits to outsmart the crooks and save the day, but each time he ends up getting upstaged by Cosmic Captain, a local adult superhero, who takes all the credit. Nevertheless, our little hero vows to continue doing what he does.

This is a fun comic, definitely aimed at a younger crowd, which is something I think the industry needs more of. The stories are full of action, but no explicit violence. The dialog is a little stilted at times (it’s possible that English is not the writer’s native language?), but it’s still enjoyable. And the artwork is very cartoonish, which fits the tone of this comic perfectly.  If I had a young kid I wanted to get hooked on comics, I’d start with something like this.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS 


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