The creative team of writer David Gorden and artists Sendol Arts return in this second issue, with a story titled THE STUFF HEROES ARE MADE OF. Picking right up from where the first issue left off, we’re still in Areo 61, the covert research station of United Earth Defense Corp., where Mo is freaking the fuck out at what’s going. But after a pep-talk from Invincible Joe, she climbs inside the Trimaxx robot and flies to Paris, where a Mechani “harbinger” is attacking. The harbinger is a giant mechanical monster in the shape of a purple scorpion, equipped with multiple weapons, and it blasts the Eeifel Tower to pieces when Mo arrives in the Trimaxx and launches her counter-attack. What follows is 12 pages of giant robot-on-giant-robot violence, as Mo tries to save the day while preventing civilian casualties.

This issue is even heavier on the action than the first issue, which is what you want and expect from a title like this, and it’s the kind of work the Sendol Arts team excels at. But there are some also some good character moments in Mo’s early mental dialog, as she’s telling herself that she’s the wrong person for this, and in her conversation with Invincible Joe. and there’s also a funny sequence which introduced us to three new characters, apparent soldiers from the UEDC, whom I suspect will be important figures in upcoming issues. This was another solid issue for this exciting series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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