BLOODLINE is the title of this issue’s story, from the creative team of writer David Gorden and artists/colorists Sendol Arts. This issue sees the second appearance of Olin Klien, who debuted in Trimaxx #2 where he was described as a mechanical engineer who works at Area 61. The story begins with Olin test-flying a new experimental fighter jet, while Captain John Adams and Mathias monitor him, along with Mo. This is when we learn that Olin claims to be a descendant of “The Red Baron”, a legendary World War I German fighter pilot. Apparently, this is something Olin brings up regularly, which is mildly annoying to everyone else, and they joke about his lack of proof of his claims.

But then the base gets an SOS from another UEDC base that’s located in Los Almos, they’re under attack from the Mechani. John prepares to send Mo over in the Trimaxx suit but Olin impulsively flies to the base to help. Now Mo not only has to protect the base, she also needs to protect Olin. What follows are several pages of sci-fi action as Trimaxx battles the newest Mechani harbinger, which is in the shape of a giant yellow electric eel.

Another fun issue, with plenty of action, and a bittersweet ending. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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