The story opens with more video game imagery, we’re told that we’re now on “Level 2” of the story. Picking up from the end of the previous issue, where Aiden passed out after defeating 765, the evil giant robotic pill bug. Madison has taken him home to his parents, where he comes to with no memory of the fight. His parents then tell him the truth, that they were secret agents who were sent on a mission to infiltrate some secret lab where they found him, as a “baby.” They took him and decided to hide from their agency and raise him as their son.

Aiden is shocked at this news, and runs outside where he’s picked up by a couple of mysterious agents who drive away, all the while Madison secretly follows them on her bike. But before they can get to wherever they’re taking him, they come across an “incident” where a being called Boo-Hoo is on a rampage. Who is Boo-Hoo, you ask? Boo-Hoo is a giant robotic baby doll that is comprised of dozens of smaller robotic baby dolls.

Yeah, shit’s getting weird.

Once again, Aiden’s powers are activated and he leaps into action, where he displays some more new powers. This book is trippy, I like how its weirdness is played straight, it’s like writer Brandon Easton is channeling Grant Morrison. And Sendol Arts does a beautiful job with the art. Roboy #2 is a fun little comic that I think you should check out. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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