ROBOY #5 and ROBOY #6

I’ll note that in 2015, Lion Forge Comics, which was still independent at that time, launched a new imprint called Roar Comics, which was specifically for comics aimed at the preschool through middle-grade demographic. Roboy was one of their existing titles that got moved to Roar, which is why you’ll see that label on the cover now.

These last two issues are a two-part story, in which we learn the secret origin of Roboy. That’s why I’m reviewing them together, but also I really can’t say much, as I don’t want to spoil the story.

But Aiden awakens after his battle with Bolt Mighty and finds himself immobilized (literally missing his arms and legs) in a secret lab by a mysterious figure called Gepetto. Gepetto is the scientist behind the technology that led to Aiden’s creation and now plans to destroy him as part of his plot to get revenge on Linkcorp. But then Aiden’s parents but in, guns blazing, with Madison by their side, to help free Aiden. This ends with a cliffhanger where Aiden prepares to face Gepetto, who’s got robotic features of his own, one on one.

And the final issue is pretty much all-action as the fight rages on, with both displaying various high-tech abilities. It also sees the return of Eel and Boo-Hoo. In the end, even more is revealed about Gepetto and Aiden’s history, and the story concludes with a satisfying ending that also leaves the door open for continuing adventures.

This series was fun, that’s really the best word to describe it. And it’s definitely the type of comic that would serve as a good entry point for young kids just getting into comics. It doesn’t get too bogged down in character details, that’s not what kids are generally looking for it, it’s got exciting action scenes that are drawn very well, and that’s what will keep the kids hooked from one issue to the next. Brandon Easton knew how to write to his audience, and the team behind Sendol Arts illustrated it beautifully.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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