The issue opens letting us know that we’ve reached Level 4 of this “game.” Aiden and Madison are at his home doing some research on the internet about his power source, the so-called “pryamoids.” He learns they were invented in the 1990s by an inventor who went to work for a company called Linkcorp. Just then their internet service goes out, and they turn on the TV to see an exact duplicate of Aiden, as Roboy, is attacking the Linkcorp. building. Aiden and Madison rush to the scene and see that Bolt Mighty has engaged the doppelganger, and he’s already fueled with jealousy over Roboy becoming more popular than him in his recent adventures. So now Aiden has to power up and try to help Bolt Mighty, but Bolt Mighty thinks that he and the doppleganger are the same, so he’s ready to fight them both.

So it’s Aiden vs Bolt Mighty in a battle for the ages, but just as victory seems to be in Aiden’s grasp, he’s incapacitated by a new character who arrives on the scene, leaving us with another dramatic cliffhanger.

Another fun story from Brandon Easton and Sendol Arts. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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