This issue is titled THE CALL OF DUTY, and that’s because in this issue Mo must learn to put her duty to the planet over her personal feelings. John, Colin, and Mathias were shot down by the Mechani while they were in jets escorting a plane that was carrying a powerful new experimental weapon back to Area 61. This is s weapon that could stop the Mechani from making any further attacks on Earth. The men are trapped on the a valley near Area 61, under heavy fire from Mechani ships, but cut off from the weapon which is on the other side of the valley. Mo is sent in the Trimaxx suit and wants to rescue the men, whom she’s come to regard as her new surrogate family, which is important to her after growing up without a family (as we learned in issue #3, they were killed in a Mechani attack when she was 4, but she was rescued by Invincible Joe) but Dr. Cruz orders her to retrieve the weapon and bring it to Area 61 first. So Mo must use Trimaxx to battle the Mechani’s new harbinger, which is in the form of a giant flying jellyfish, while her friends can survive on their own.

So we got the series’ customer high-flying sci-fi action, with some added dramatic tension. David Gorden and Sendol Arts keep raising the bar on this series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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