Myth Smith #0

Created by G. Boney, Myth Smith is a Black comic-book character described Hellboy meets Indiana Jones meets Shaft. Due to the unique circumstances of his birth, he’s “near-immortal” (said to be over 200 years old but physically appearing to be in his early 30s) and dedicates himself to fighting magical and mythical threats to our realm.

This comic contains a 9-page story called WIZARDS, where Myth interrupts a group of, well, wizards I guess, who are performing some ritual involving severed heads. Myth ends up getting sucked into a wormhole and fighting a big green tentacled monster.

And there’s an 11-page story called WEAPONS & ARTIFACTS. Well, it’s not really a “story” it’s a listing of all the various magical items that Myth uses on his missions, which includes things like a coat that protects him from harm, and boots that let him run at super-speed, as well as more esoteric items like literal lightning in a bottle. We get shown Myth using several of these items in action.

THE FAVOR, part One is a 1-page prose story where Myth goes to a familiar bar to meet an old friend and ends up getting jumped, ending on a cliffhanger. This is interesting as it shows how well the character translates to prose, it felt like the first page of a novel.

The book also includes 6 pages of artwork by other artists drawing Myth Smith.

The stories are written by G. Boney and serve the purpose of introducing the character to the reader. It definitely made me want to see more of him. The primary art is by Glenn Brewer, who does a decent job but has room for improvement. But altogether Myth Smith #0 is a comic-book worth getting. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS



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