INHERITORS (The Comic-book AND The Movie)

There use to be heroes… Men and women, who could fly, could bend steel… Some you could not see with the naked eye…
Champions of justice that fought evil for over three decades… The Captain, Black Eagle, Damsel, and the Fury. From 1940 thru the 1970’s they were members of the Light Brigade: America’s Champions… It’s just that no one remembers that they ever existed; no one remembers that there were ever any heroes; no one recalls an age when people ascended the imagination… No one remembers the worlds super powered beings — There were never any paranormals… Or so they would have you believe. Inheritor’s is a series with an open end potential. Beginning as a not so simple case for a highly decorated undercover Detective Jude Jefferson, who’s on a personal mission to apprehend a serial killer, explodes into an international cover-up.

From Robert Garrett of XMoor Studios, the story starts off seeming pretty straight-forward. We’re in New Hope City, as our lead character Detective Jude Jefferson is entering a massive highrise building, to arrest the Mayor, who also happens to have great wealth (he’s described as “the son of one of the richest men in the world”), and also happens to have been one of Jude’s best friends. But when Jude confronts his former friend, Jordan Fincher, with plans to arrest him for a series of murders (& possibly rapes, as it’s implied) of women, things don’t go as plan as Jordan inexplicably displays superhuman powers, and Jude finds himself spending the next 6 months in the hospital, with both of his eyes damaged beyond repair, going in and out of a coma. When he finally comes to, his wife(?) Keya informs him that she allowed a mysterious doctor to operate him, and now Jefferson appears to have some superhuman senses of his own.

The issue ends rather abruptly, with many questions remaining. What are the source and nature of Jordan’s powers, and who gave Jude his new powers and why? And what will be Jude’s next step? I was also hoping to see some scenes of the former superheroes that were mentioned in the blurb for the comic, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the next issue for that. And, believe me, I plan to get the next issue when it’s available. The book is heavy on dialog, not a lot of action, but thankfully Garrett’s writing is solid enough that the dialog keeps you interesting. The artwork is decent, although some of the latter pages of the book (it’s 24 pages of story plus two black & white, none-lettered pages from the next issue), after Jude is in the hospital, look a little rushed, but this issue still gets a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS

You can learn more at, and then head on over to and buy a full-color .pdf for only $1.99!

And, oh yeah, check out this mini-movie of the comic!

The movie gets 5 STARS. Very well-directed and great acting from the cast. I’d actually somehow missed that when it was first posted, and only just saw it today, after buying and reading the comic-book. I’m glad I saw it this way, though, having read the comic-book first. It’s like seeing the comic-book come to life.

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