THE EROTIC DREAMS OF JEANNIE (aka Genie In A String Bikini)

When Major Tony Wilson explores a cage in the Middle Eastern country of Moronico, he uncovers a strange Treasure Chest and an equally beautiful bottle containing a gorgeous Genie (NICOLE SHERIDAN). Back in America no one believes his stories about Genies and magical powers and he soon finds himself in trouble with Dr. R.J. Reynolds, his soon to be Father-in-Law, who along with his Daughter (KENNEDY JOHNSTON) are plotting to get their hands on Tony’s $6,000,000 inheritance.

Written by Sherman Scott and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the alias Nicholas Medina), this softcore film spoof of the classic sitcom I Dream of Genie was released in 2006 (originally under the name Genie In A String Bikini), and stars Nicole Sheridan as Jeannie. In the opening scenes she’s in a tower in her magical fantasy land, looking nervous because she is about to be sent out to the real world for the first time as a genie. She’s talking about it with her friend, and fellow “apprentice genie”, Akbar (Evan Stone). The Genie Harem-keeper (John Small) comes in and gives both of them their assignments, showing them who their future masters will be, but they are both sad when they find that they are to be given to two old people. Before they leave, Jeannie and Akbar decide to have sex with each other, for the first time, even though that is against genie rules. When they finish, they are caught by the Harem-Keeper who punishes them for “sacrificing their purity”, so he zaps Jeannie into a bottle, and Akbar into a treasure chest, and then banishes them to country called Moronico, where he says they should never be found and will be lost forever.

2000 years later, where U.S. Air Force Major Tony Wilson (played by Voodoo, under the name Alexandre Boisvert) is in Moronico, helping blow a hole in a mountain to create a tunnel for easier transportation for the locals. After the explosion creates the tunnel, he finds the bottle and treasure chest and decides to take them back home with him. Back at home, he’s greeted by a surprise party thrown by his fiance, Suzanne (Danielle Petty, under the name Kennedy Johnston), and her father, R.J. (Jay Richardson). After some small talk (where we learn that Tony is due to inherit $6 million from his dead uncle), Suzanne takes Tony up to his bedroom where they have sex, while the party continues downstairs. Afterwards, they rejoin the party, and R.J., who is a doctor, insists that Tony come by his office for a physical the next day, which Tony agrees to do, then R.J. and Suzanne leave. Later that night, while Tony is sleeping, Jeannie’s bottle falls off the desk that Tony put it on, and she comes out of it and wakes him up. Tony thinks he must be dreaming, and doesn’t believe her when she says she’s a genie, and must do whatever he says. He turns down all of her offers of money, fame, and even sex, because he wants to be faithful to Suzanne. He tells her to just go back into her bottle, so he can get some sleep. Meanwhile, back at Suzanne’s place, she meets her roommate, Chelsea (Beverly Lynne), and they both talk about how Suzanne is only marrying Tony for his money, and then they have sex.

The next morning, Tony is dressed in his uniform and getting ready to go to work, and finds Jeannie in his kitchen making him breakfast. She then tries to seduce Tony, but she disappears when Suzanne shows up. He tells her about finding a genie last night, but she doesn’t believe him, and then he leaves to go to his medical appointment with her father. Suzanne goes up to the bedroom, finds the bottle and treasure chest, and takes both of them. She throws the bottle in some ditch, but takes the treasure chest back to her place, where she and Chelsea open it, and Akbar pops out. He tells them that as a genie, he must grant them both their every wish now, so the two women make him have a threesome with him. At R.J.’s office, Tony has just passed his physical, but when he starts telling him about finding a genie, R.J. thinks he’s a little nuts. When Suzanne calls him, she brings up Tony’s story about the genie, and recommends that R.J. hospitalize him, while we see that she’s got Akbar cleaning her house. So R.J. has Tony strapped to a bed in a mental hospital, because he keeps talking about a genie.

Jeannie is left wondering the streets, trying to find her master (I guess her magic can’t do that for some reason), when she gets picked up by a woman (Dolorian), who turns out to be a dominatrix, and she takes Jeannie to her dungeon and ties her up and spanks her, which Jeannie likes. And then she begins licking Jeannie all up and down. This continues until Akbar uses his magic to find Jeannie and then “rescues” her from the dominatrix. They return to Suzanne and Chelsea, and use their magic to force them to confess what happened to Tony, how Suzanne had him committed so she could get control of his money. Jeannie and Akbar go to the hospital and free Tony, and then Akbar decides to go explore this world on his own. Jeannie tells Tony about Suzanne’s plans, and so he’s done with her, and then she takes Tony into her bottle so they can have sex &, presumably, live happily ever after. THE END.

It’s a short film, about and hour and 10 minutes, with several illogical plot points, which could be overlooked if the sex scene were better, but they were all rather standard. The highlights are the Sheridan’s scenes with Stone and Boisvert. He scene with Dolorian started off well, but was interrupted too soon. I also liked the threesome with Stone, Petty, and Lynne, but that’s about it. Overall I’d give this film 3 STARS.

Its production company, Retromedia Entertainment, seems to have let this film fall out of print on DVD, so all that’s available on Amazon are really expensive used copies, but cheaped burned DVD copies can be bought on

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