Celebutante Ariana Von Holmberg is in over her head chasing a lead during her first mission as a secret agent for the CIA. Will her training save her from jihadists out for blood? Will she get caught and sold into white slavery!? Will she score a totally SWEET kafiyah?!

As we left off last issue, Arian is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia surrounded by several armed men, who are working for Fahad, the Saudi Prince that the C.I.A. thinks is a terrorist. The way Ariana gets out of this little jam is both inventive and humorous. She recalls some of the martial arts training that she received from a female agent named Gates, who taught her how to fight while looking like she’s not fighting. That way she can maintain her cover as an air-headed socialite, even while she’s beating the crap out of several men at once. The Fahad’s brother, Al Baseer show up, and he arrests the men and tells Fahad that he’s cutting him from the family now. Back at C.I.A. Hq, Deputy Director Mitchum thinks that Al Baseer was just putting on a public show, but another agents confirms that Al Baseer really had the men arrested, and believes this means that they can cross him of the list of suspects looking to buy that nuke. Mitchum is still pissed that Ariana acted on her on, but they go ahead and confirm plans for her to attend Nick’s birthday party in Russia, where it will be Ariana’s job to find the nuke and slip a tracking device on it.

This issue has a some good character moments. Ariana remains her usual defiant self in the meeting with Mitchum, but then afterwards Agent Byrne chews her out for ditching him when they went shopping, without even thinking about how that would affect her. And then her mother shows up at her home, questioning her about her incident at Haven’s party, which was reported as Ariana getting drunk, and her mother wants to help but, of course, Ariana is unable to tell her the truth. And then the next morning as Ariana is preparing to leave for the airport, she is surprised by her frenemy Haven Douglas who is going to the party also, and arrives in a limo to take Ariana to the airport with her to ride in her private jet. But the ride to turns out to be ruse, as Have instead drops her off somewhere, to face her mother, stepfather, some Dr. Phil-like TV doctor who was briefly seen in issue #2, and her ex-boyfriend Ben, for an intervention for her alcohol problems. TO BE CONTINUED

Another 5 STAR issue of a great series!

This issue is available digitally on Comixology for only $1.99

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