Strippers From Another World (aka “WILD WOMEN”)


Here’s another ostensibly “sci-fi” softcore film from Retromedia, written and directed by Dean McKendrick, and utilizing the same cast he would later use in INTERGALACTIC SWINGERS (I got both DVD’s at the same time, but this one officially came out a month earlier).

This film focuses on two sets of female college students, all beginning their senior year of college. Bunny (Christie Stevens) and Heidi (Sophia Bella) are popular sorority girls, dating two popular fraternity guys, Carl (Ryan Driller) and Bruce (Josh Rivers). It’s noted by Heidi early on that Bunny has already been in college for 7 years, so she’s not that smart, but is still very conceited, and throws around that fact that she is also elected president of her sorority, Gamma Phi. Erika Jordan and Krissy Lynn play Marge and Anita, two shy girls that have no other friends, and are desperate to make their last year in college memorable somehow. Well, Bunny gets the evil idea that that should convince Marge and Anita to try to pledge their sorority, just so Bunny and Heidi can have fun hazing them, but then still not let them join in the end. So they convince the girls, who are desperate to get into the sorority, to try out.

Later, back at her sorority house, we see Bunny having sex with Carl. Afterwards, Anita and Marge arrive, and Bunny and Heidi tell them that their first ritual as pledges is to apply for and get hired as strippers at the local strip club. So Anita and Marge go to the club, where we get a sequence of Tasha Reign dancing on stage in lingerie. The girls are terrified, but still try to ask the owner (played by Baily Beatleman) to let them try out as strippers. But he takes one look at them in their homely clothes and glasses, no makeup, and hair tied up in a bun, and just rejects them. Outside the club, Marge sees a shooting star, and tells Marge they should make a wish, to hope they’ll still have a chance to get into the sorority. But it turns out that the star is really a spaceship, and they are beamed aboard, and here an unseen voice telling them he’s been monitoring their planet, and has the power to give them what they want, but they have to be sure they really want it. The girls say they do, but the voice tells them that in exchange for helping them, first they need to have sex with each other right there in the spaceship. So Anita and Marge get undressed and do that.

Afterwards, the girls are zapped with a beam, and get a complete makeover, clothes and makeup, looking sexy. So they’re beamed back to Earth, and go back to the strip club. This time, when he sees how they look now, he eagerly lets them try out, so they get on stage together to strip for the club, and we get a sequence of them dancing and stripping. Carl and Bruce come into the club during their show, and Carl buys a private lapdance from Marge, so she take him into another room to dance for him, and after he admits that he’s only dating Bunny because guys from his Frat all date girls from her sorority, he and Marge have sex.

Bruce goes to the sorority house, looking for Heidi, but Bunny is there and asks him where Carl is, but he refuses to tell her. So Bunny leaves, Heidi and arrives, and she and Bruce have sex.

Later, Anita and Marge return to the sorority house, revealed that got hired as strippers after their performance, so Bunny gives them new tasks. Marge has to hold a bake sale, selling pies, outside, while Anita dusts the sorority house, both while wearing bikinis. Meanwhile Bunny and Heidi go shopping. When Heidi comes back she’s got bags full of new clothes she’s just bought, and offers to let Anita try an outfit on, and when Anita, with her new found confidence, starts undresses right in front of her, Heidi gets turned on and then she and Anita have sex. Afterwards, Bunny returns. Marge sold her pies and the house is clean, meaning they’ve passed all the tasks Bunny’s given them. So they now qualify for the sorority, but Bunny says even if they get in, once she’s elected sorority president again, she’ll just kick them right out.

So Anita and Marge go back to the strip club to see Bruce, and ask for his help in rigging the sorority election, which he agrees to do in exchange for sex. So the three of them have sex together on a pool table in the club.

Then when the vote is taken at the sorority, Anita and Marge are not only voted in, but Marge is voted sorority president, and she kicks Bunny out of it. While everyone, except Bunny, is celebrating, suddenly time freezes, except for Marge an Anita. The alien voice speaks to them, as they thank him for transforming them, and giving them confidence to do everything they did. But the alien reveals that all he did was put them in some new clothes, all the confidence they gained was from within. And blah blah blah, there’s some kind of moral about how it’s what’s inside a person that counts. Time is unfrozen and Anita and Marge say they’ve changed their minds, they don’t want to be mean like Bunny was. They both quit Gamma Phi and say they’re going to form a new sorority of their own, one that doesn’t judge people by how they look.

Bunny is happy and tries to start a new vote to become Gamma Phi president again, but all the other girls, including Heidi start to leave, saying their going to join Anita and Marge’s new sorority, and Bunny is left by herself. THE END.

I admit, I don’t expect deep plots from these types of softcore films, but this one seemed like it barely tried. And the title was woefully misleading. Anita and Marge did become strippers, with help from an alien, but they are not from another world. The alien angle felt out of place, and was just shoe-horned in, just so the studio could call it sci-fi. Anita and Marge could have easily just bought some new clothes and makeup on their own, to act more confident, instead of this silly thing about getting beamed aboard a spaceship with an all-seeing invisible alien helping them out. And the whole it’s what’s on the inside that counts moral of the story felt a little preachy. The only thing saving this film are that the sex scenes are all well-done. McKendrick at least got himself an all-star cast, and Erika Jordan, Krissy Lynn, Sophia Bella, and Christie Stevens all heat up the screen when they’re on (Tasha Reign is also pretty hot in her stripper scenes). But the highest rating I can give this film is 3 1/2 STARS.


UPDATE: I’ve learned that this film has been airing on TV under the name “Wild Women” so check your local cable listings or DVR to see it.

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