Alright, it’s been too long, time to get back to updating this thing blog. And let’s get started with what I’m most known for: reviewing softcore movies.

Today I’m looking back at this 2007 film from Torchlight Pictures. Love In The Bosses Office 2. And, no, you don’t need to have seen Love In The Bosses Office 1 (I haven’t) in order to understand this film, it’s one of those sequels-in-name-only. Produced by Francis Locke, it’s directed by the one and only Tabitha Stevens and written by Anora Leachim.

For the record, I should put the word “written” in quotes, because, frankly, this “movie” is basically just a collection of four sex scenes with some loose dialogue connecting them.

It opens with Danny Pape (credited here as “Jullian Kay”, yes with two L’s), playing a janitor working in some office building late one night. Monica Mayhem plays a businesswoman working late. Danny is vacuuming in her office while she’s working at her desk. Danny’s wearing headphones as he’s vacuuming, and Monica stops him to ask what he’s listening to, so he lets her check out his headphones. And blah blah blah, the next thing you know, they’re having sex on the desk.

Dylan Jordan plays another janitor. We see him and Danny Pape’s character (none of the characters are named, either in the film or the credits) talking in a supply room, as Danny is telling Dylan what happened, but Dylan doesn’t believe him. They make a deal to switch routes, so Dylan can try to see if Monica is around and if anything happens with her. So next we see Dylan cleaning in the office hallways one night, he checks Monica’s office but she’s not there, so he just keeps on working. Then he comes across another office where Monica Sweetheart and Nicole Oring are working late together. Dylan is also wearing headphones at the time, listening to the same mix CD that Danny had been listening to. The ladies ask what he’s listening to, so he lets them borrow his headphones. And, the next thing you know they’re having threesome. Well, technically not really a threesome, it’s more like three sex scenes in one. First, the two women have sex with each other as Dylan watches. Then they beckon Dylan to join them, and he has sex with Sweetheart while Nicole watches. And then Nicole demands her turn, so she and Dylan have sex.

At this point I don’t know if the implication is supposed to be that there’s something about this particular music that makes women horny when they listen to it, which could have made an interesting film plot, or if it’s just a coincidence.

Back to the supply room, Danny doesn’t believe Dylan’s story. And now Danny wants to trade routes back. So next night we see Danny go back to Monica Mayhem’s office, where she’s working late again. But this time when he approaches her for sex, she acts as if she doesn’t even remember him or anything that happened between them, and just kicks him out. Danny is confused, but the next night he goes back and this time he runs into Monica Sweetheart and Nicole Oring who are working late again. Once again he has his headphones with him, and there’s very little preliminaries as they ask to listen to his music and almost immediately get horny and they all have a proper threesome.

In the final scenes, Danny and Dylan have agreed to take tours cleaning that particular route in the building. We see Danny loaning Dylan his headphones with some more music and then we Dylan and Monica Mayhem listen to the music in her office, and then having sex on her desk. THE END

P.S. This film also includes a “Special Guest Appearance From Tony Campos of ‘Static X'” (as the opening credits lists it), which is a scene in which he plays the head janitor who shows up and yells at Danny (in Spanish) to get back to work. I have no clue what the point of that was.

So, weak story, weak writing, lame acting. But the sex scenes are all top-notch. Very hot. Yes, I know it seems short with only 4 scenes (the movie itself is only about an hour and 13 minutes), but each scene is longer than average. Danny Pape/Monica Mayhem is almost 13 minutes, the Dylan Jordan/Monica Sweetheart/Nicole Oring collection of scenes is almost 22 minutes altogether, the Pape/Sweetheart/Oring threesome is a little over 11 minutes, and the Jordan/Mayhem scene is a little over 13 minutes. I think these scenes show where Tabitha Stevens’ experience as a porn actress comes in handy, as each scene looks real enough in that you might think this was an XXX film that was edited to softcore, and that’s not easy.  Altogether that is enough to give this film a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS

You can buy this film on DVD HERE or purchase the film for digital download HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Chace. I get very little opportunity to watch softcore films since leaving America, so it’s interesting to read about what’s happening, in case there is somewhere a film that might interest me enough to buy it. After your overall poor review I’m surprised that you gave it four stars. I guess it’s our different criteria. I expect a balance between the story and the sex scenes, that the story is at least “adequate”, so I couldn’t rate a film highly on the basis of its sex scenes alone.

    Thanks anyway for your review. Keep them coming! I read all your reviews, even if I don’t comment on them all.


    • I will freely concede the fact that my rating criteria is not always consistent. I’ve been thinking of maybe dropping my whole “1-5 STARS” ratings all together? We’ll see. It’s just in this case the sex scenes are, in my opinion, REALLY good. So, yeah, I’m kind judging it as if it were a hardcore porn film, which you buy just for the sex scenes and simply fast-forward through the talking scenes. On that level, this is a great film.


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