Written and directed by Francis Locke, this 2003 film, from Torchlight pictures, stars Rachel Elizabeth as Angela Greeley as a woman who is arrested for running an escort service, which is really a prostitution ring, although she claims that she is innocent and is actually a sex therapist. Dylan Jordan plays Detective Baker, the police officer who has arrested her. The premise of this film is that Baker is interrogating Angela in her cell, wanting a confession and details about her business in exchange for making a deal about her sentence, so Angela tells him about some of the exploits of her girls, which we then see as sex scenes.

First is Nicole Oring as Pamela, whom we see having sex with John, played by by Dino Bravo (the porn actor, not the deceased pro-wrestler), in a hotel room on a bed. There’s no set-up or dialogue between the two of them, they just get right to it, in a very hot scene that lasts about 15 minutes (John does offer to buy Pamela breakfast at the end). Oring really looks like she’s getting off here.

The next scene is between Nicole Oring and Crissy Moran in a 14 minute lesbian scene that starts with Moran sitting in a large leather chair in a blouse and skirt. Oring appears in bra and panties and proceeds to take Moran’s shirt off and then start licking her breasts, then reaching under her skirt. Soon both women are naked, and the take turns sitting in the chair as the other one goes down on them. Oddly, in this scene Angela refers to Oring as “Frieda”, while Moran is “Carrie”.

The 3rd scene is a flashback of an experience Detective Baker had with a prostitute. It’s not really set up, but he’s in a police uniform (as opposed to the suit and tie he’s wearing in the rest of the film) sitting in a chair in some room while Holly Morgan stands in a corner and strips from him and then after she’s down to just a garter belt and stockings she plays with herself until she orgasms. This all lasts about 10 minutes. No disrespect to Holly, who is an attractive woman, but I just fast-forwarded through this scene. It was pointless.

The fourth scene is another lesbian scene, this one between Crissy Moran and Holly Morgan, set in the same room as the first scene. It starts with them on the bed each in bra and panties (and high heels), as they get right to it. This scenes last almost 20 minutes. It’s not as hot as it should be. I don’t know, I think this two ladies just didn’t have the right chemistry with each other to make it work.

And the final scene is between Dino and Rachel, as she seduces him. He joins her in the cell and watches as she performs a sexy strip tease for him, and then when she’s naked she pulls him to her and they have sex on the bed. It’s a little over 14 minutes long, although there are a few parts where it switches to slow motion. But these two do a good job in the “making it look real” department.

And that’s the end. We never get a conclusion about what happens to Angela, or if she’s really a madam or not. But who cares? Although Dylan and Rachel work well in their sex scene, all the scenes where they are just talking are terrible. I mean, really bad. These two just cannot act (at least they couldn’t back then). And only the first sex scene really stands out as something you’d want to rewatch. Ultimately this film is not one I could recommend, the best I’ll give it is TWO AND A HALF STARS. Not one of Torchlight’s better efforts.


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