ASPEN VISIONS Vol. 1 #1: Fathom: Spinning Our Fate

This book once again reunites Blake Northcott with a character that she has written before. Her 8-issue ALL NEW FATHOM miniseries in 2017 was also my introduction to that character, and Blake did an incredible job on that. As with the Executive Assitant Iris Aspen Visions issue, this issue takes the character of Fathom and puts her in another time and place in history.

It’s England in 1884, the Victorian Era. Aspen Matthews is a Baroness here, living a life that seems directed at one purpose: finding herself a proper husband and raising a family. But Aspen is bored with this lifestyle, although she can’t understand exactly why. She just knows that she wants more out of life. While shopping for a gown for a fancy ball later that evening, Fathom encounters Nestor, who in this reality is a wealthy Duke named Eli (and still wearing the Heart of Eternity around his neck. Later, while attending that ball, she hears of an underground bare-knuckly fight taking place in town, and she sneaks out to attend. This is where she meets Executive Assistant: Iris, who is one of the fighters. Iris recognizes Aspen and tells her of the events in ancient China which lead her there, which Aspen disbelieves. But then Nestor appears and reveals that he is behind the anomalies in this timeline. I won’t spoil the rest, but the mystery ramps up in this issue, leading to a suspenseful cliffhanger that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The artwork is provided by Michael Sta. Maria, who is very good. I hope to see more from this artist in the future.




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