LIFE ON TOP episode 19: Wedding Sex

Written by Jess Roman (based on the novel by Clara Darling) and directed by Jared West, this episode guest-stars Maggie Taylor as Chrissy. She’s an old college friend of Melissa’s (Jayden Cole) who has come to town to announce that shes’ getting married to a man named Pierre (Harry Allen). Because of Pierre’s immigration status, they need to get married within a week, and Chrissy asks for Melissa’s help in planning it.

That’s the main plot of this episode, as Melissa rushes to make arrangements, but things don’t go smoothly. A surprise rain storm forces her to cancel her original outside venue and hold the wedding at Club Embryo, which isn’t exactly the dream wedding Chrissy was hoping for.

The episode title comes from a conversation several characters have about “wedding sex,” that’s where single guests at weddings get desperate and look for someone to have sex with. That’s Avi (Daniel Messier) and Peter’s (Steven Ross) main motivations for going to the wedding, hoping they’ll find some desperate single women there.. Razvan Oprea plays Ryan, an old college friend of Melissa’s who shows up for the wedding, and he tells her how he always wanted to be with her but doesn’t want to just have wedding sex with her…so they do it in his motel room before the wedding.

Bella (Heather Vandeven) convinces Vincent (Danny Crawford) to be the wedding photographer. And after the ceremony, she finally admits her feelings for him, something we’ve seen developing since the first episode of this season, and they finally get together, which is the only thing that makes this episode important to the series, as the wedding storyline doesn’t advance any of the main characters.

Regina (Brandin Rackley) and Lena (Christine Nguyen) appear in this episode, but neither has much to do.

We get three full sex scenes, in addition to the scene of Jayden Cole and Razan Oprea and the scene of Heather Vandeven and Danny Crawford, we get one of Maggie Taylor and Harry Allen. There are also some nameless topless women stripping in a scene taking place at Pierre’s bachelor party.

A pretty average episode overall. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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