Side-Kicked #2

This second issue, from Darby Pop Publishing and Magnetic Press, picks up a few days after the previous issue ended. The sidekicks have gone on strike, although none of them have officially informed their mentors of their intent, they simply stop showing up for patrols and such. And it quickly becomes apparent how much the sidekicks were actually needed. We see Mr. Marvelous stopping another supervillain, but without Phantasm there to cover the collateral damage he caused, the public turns on him. News reports trickle in of other superheroes having similar problems. But as crime in the city steadily increases, some of the sidekicks start to have second thoughts about holding out, but Dan convinces them to remain steadfast, they not only must not help the heroes, but they must not use their powers at all. So even when the fast food joint he works out is robbed at gunpoint, Al doesn’t do anything to stop it.

But then we’re introduced to The Board Of Directors, a consortium of the worst supervillains in the city (think: The Legion of Doom), and they’ve realized that the heroes are now on their own, and decide it’s time to combine their efforts to team-up and wipe them out while they’re outnumbered.

Writer, and co-creator, Russell Bretholtz does a great job of ramping up the drama in this issue, this story is an interesting concept that could have easily come off like a satire, but Bretholtz plays it straight, and leave us with an exciting cliffhanger. And the Late Bong Dazo takes over the complete art chores in this issue, and it’s a big improvement.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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