ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF episode 6: Red Flag

Things are getting heavier for our lead characters. It’s been a few days since the brawl that ended episode 4. Dmitri has torn his rotator cuff and has his right arm in a sling. Everyone is worried about it, except for Dmitri himself. He says he’s been injured before and bounced back, it’s all part of the life of being a football player. Woody is mad and blames Earnest, while Earnest also blames himself, both fearing what will happen if this means Dmitri’s career is over.

We see Dmitri out after dinner with Lauren, he again broaches the subject of them getting together, but Lauren says she wants to just stay friends because Dmitri is too much of a player for her. But he swears that he’s serious about her. But when they get back to his place, and he convinces her to come in for “just one drink,” they find Brenda inside, wearing skimpy lingeries, and lit a bunch of candles around the house and put rose petals on the floor. Brenda is not happy to see Dmitri with Lauren again, and Lauren storms out saying “you can have him.” And, for all his talk about how serious he was about Lauren, Dmitri gives in when Brenda propositions him and lets her spend the night. We later see him and Brenda having sex, but as they’re doing it we see Dmitri thinking of Lauren, with flashbacks showing his time with her last episode where they almost started having sex.

This show needs to decide if Dmitir really is a good guy or not. Are we supposed to be rooting for him? He’s intensely loyal to his frat brothers, but the way he’s behaving with Brenda is certainly not cool.

We see Spencer and Nandi in their studio, watching her reality show, with Spencer laughing at how bad the first date went. They go to lunch later, but things get awkward when the check comes and Nandi insists on splitting it, to make clear that this wasn’t a date. And then she has to go for her second date on the show, with someone named “Mandingo.” Unfortunately, we don’t see that date, but they show us the aftermath when Nandi is talking about it to Wendy. Apparently, that date didn’t go any better, and Wendy brings up Spencer, wondering why Nandi doesn’t go for him, but Nandi dismisses the idea.

Aspen visits Gabriel in his office, where he’s working late one night. She mentions that ever since she came back from her weekend trip with Sabrina she feels like he’s been avoiding her. He tries to deny that anything is wrong, and they have sex on the coach.

Portia comes to The Jump Off to see Earnest. They go up to his room, where she presents him with a check for what she says is money he’s owed as the co-founder of her law private law firm. He tries to convince her to reconcile, and they start making out, getting so far as him sucking on her titties, but when she stops him, says that’s not a good idea and leaves. We later see Earnest having lunch with Sabrina. But while they’re doing that, we cut to see Chandler having sex with some random woman. But then in the middle of it, his phone rings. He stops fucking the woman and checks his phone, a text from an unknown phone number tells him that his wife is having lunch with his brother. He gets dressed and goes to the restaurant and pulls Sabrina away, warning Earnest to stay away from her.

But the biggest story goes to the character of Harris. Lauren takes him to meet his birth mother. They go to the address they have and find his grandfather, who explains that his mother was a teenager and he was a single father who’d just lost his job, so they knew they couldn’t properly take care of a child, and that’s why his mother gave him up for adoption. And when Harris asks to meet her, he informs him that she died. And that’s a pretty sad ending.

But as I noted last time, the fact that this new character is getting such a big storyline makes it kind of obvious where this is going…

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. Wow big dramatic changes here and shown
    Characters getting development, Plot growing
    Let the story keep getting bigger with additions

    Johanna/Portia welcome. She will be fine among the rest with her acting, looks and sex

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