ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF episode 8: Backfield In Motion

The main story of this episode revolves around Earnest. After the confrontation at Dmitri’s house last episode, Earnest continued to get drunk, feeling guilty for causing the fight that led to Dmitri’s injury and feeling sad over losing his ex-wife Portia. He left a note at Dmitri’s which implied that he’s going to kill himself and drives away. Dmitri manages to get Spencer and Woody to join him and they spend the whole night driving around the city trying to find him to no avail. We get some scenes of him sitting alone in a hotel somewhere, drinking out of a bottle, crying, and holding a gun. Eventually, Gabriel calls Portia about this, and she goes out looking for Earnest and finds him, as she knows the hotel he’s at was one of his old favorite spots in the city. She talks to them and the episodes end with them kissing and beginning to have sex.

It’s a pretty story, even for this series. Much credit to Sean Riggs who got to show off his acting talent a lot in this episode. Still, I’m not sure how I feel about the ending, having this depression lead to Earnest and Portia getting back together feels cheap, especially since she was literally in the middle of having sex with her new love Antonio when Gabriel called her. But then again maybe it’s just temporary? We’ll see how this unfolds.

As for the rest of the cast, the episode opens with Spencer and Nandi kissing from the last episode. I thought it was after their radio show, but it was during a commercial break. So they must stop when it’s time to start broadcasting again, and the topic is casual sex. But Spencer gets a text from Dmitri about Earnest and has to leave, letting Nandi finish the show by herself. Later we see Nandi at home in her bed having an erotic dream about Spencer (where he speaks Spanish to her, which  I think is a nice touch to remind the audience that he, like the actor who plays him, is actually an Afro-Latino). She wakes up confused. He flirts with her again later in the episode, but their status remains unresolved.

Brenda shows up uninvited at Dmitri’s again, but he tells her it’s over and kicks her out, but she insists that they’re not done. It’s clear that she’s going crazy, as she shows up at The Jump Off later and confronts Woody, blaming him by saying she and Dmitri were fine before Woody moved in with him, so she thinks this must somehow be his fault. Later she leaves a pile of dogshit at Dmitri’s front door, and Lauren accidentally steps in it when she’s leaving.

Speaking of Lauren, she also meets with Harris and tries to convince him to be willing to get to know Dmitri, but he seems reluctant.

Aspen receives photos in the mail of Chandler having sex with that woman from episode 6. And when Gabriel gets home she tells him how she’s going to run this story in her newspaper, but Gabriel tries to talk her out of it, warning that this could backfire on her somehow, but she wants to do it not only to stop Chandler from being able to run for mayor, but she feels bad for Sabrina. It’s clear that Gabrial’s motivation is partially based on the rising jealousy he has for Aspen and Sabrina, so we’ll see how that plays.

Another intense episode. And 2 full sex scenes, one between Dmitri and Lauren and the one with Spencer and Nandi. Plus there’s a sort half-scene, the one of Portia and Antonio.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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