ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF episode 7: Turnover

To Whom It May Concern, sorry for the lack of activity here, but personal issues have kept me away from writing, let me try to get back into it now, picking up where I left off reviewing this series.

In this seventh episode which, as usual, is written by Zane and directed by Jean Moody, the main storyline revolves around Dmitri. He meets with his coach and the team doctor and finds out that his injury is more serious than he thought it would be. He needs surgery on his rotator cuff and the recovery time means that he’ll definitely miss this upcoming football season and there’s a possibility that he may not heal completely and therefore his playing days could effectively be over for good. Dmitri is devastated by this and when he returns to his home he finds Brenda waiting for him naked, but he angrily kicks her out. As I noted before, Dmitri’s cold treatment of Brenda, even under these circumstances, makes him hard to root for as a character.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Harris are still meeting his biological grandfather, who shows them a video that Harris’ biological mother made before she died (of Lupus), addressed to Harris in case he ever tracked her down, and in the video she reveals that Harris’ father is Dmitri Vance.

The two of them then go to Dmitri’s, arriving just as Brenda is leaving, causing an uncomfortable encounter. Dmitri thinks they’re just there for some career advice and he blows them off, saying he’s not in the mood, which makes Harris angry and he leaves. Lauren stays and shows Dmitri the video, and they both break down crying. And although it doesn’t seem like the best time for this, he tells her that he’s in love with her and wants to commit to her, and they make love on his living room couch. Later he has Woody, Gabriel, and Earnest over and tells them what’s going on. When they find out about Dmitri’s injury, Woody blows up at Earnest again, with Gabriel having to step in between them. In the end, even Dmitri seems angry at Earnest for once.

My girl Erika Jordan returns as Spencer’s booty call Jennifer. The two of them hook up, although he’s distracted by a poster of him and Nandi on his wall. When they finish, Jennifer tells him that she loves him, although he doesn’t say it back. We see Nandi filming her dating show, on the beach with a man named Alejandro (Nicholas Machado) but that doesn’t go well, as it becomes clear that he’s only on the show to get famous, and then admits that he’s gay as he walks off. Later Nandi and Spence are in their studio doing their radio show, and after it’s over he grabs her and kisses her.

Woody had gone to see Kenya and begged her to take him back, but she rejected him, which is part of the reason he was already angry when he was at Dmitri’s.

When Gabriel gets to his home, he finds Aspen and Sabrina dancing together, which further arouses his suspicions of lesbianism. I can’t lie, I would love to see a girl/girl scene with those two actresses, let’s home this show goes there before it’s over.

In terms of story, this is the best episode of the season so far, the stakes are really getting high with the drama for each character increasing. I want to give it 5 stars, but since we only get 2 sex scenes in this episode (although the scene with Erika Jordan is one of her best), I feel compelled to knock off a point, and thus this episode gets a Chacebook rating of FOUR STARS

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  1. I think this episode is about the characters coming to terms and accepting themselves and who they ultimately want to decide be with imo.

    The sex scenes of course are active and seemed emotional/moving figuratively and literally.

    Bonus: Latifah Creswell/Brenda naked #1 imo


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