ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF episode 9: Offensive Holding

This episode begins where the previous one left off, Earnest and Portia are having sex. He’s clearly thinking that this means they’re back together, but she later tells them it’s not the case, and he gets upset at the idea that she threw him a “pity fuck.” He calls Sabrina over to his place to talk to her about it, and the two of them have sex.

It’s confusing what the show wants us to think about Sabrina, as for the past few episodes a funny subplot is Gabriel’s growing suspicion that something is going on between Sabrina and his wife Aspen. And although that hasn’t happened yet, we do see those two women acting closer and closer, including playfully dancing with each other. And earlier in this episode Aspen, who is still deciding if she’ll publish the expose about Chandler’s affair, mentions to Gabriel that she and Sabrina are going to be going off for a “spa weekend” together.

Still no progress with Spencer and Nandi. We see Nandi and her assistant Wendy interviewing another man for Nandi’s dating show (Cyprian Coley), but he’s too arrogant for her.

Woody, who apologized to Earnest once they found out he’s okay, meets with his wife on the beach, and tells her that she’s right about him wasting his education and that he’s thinking of quitting working for Dmitri and opening his own club. She wishes him well but tells him that it’s too late to save their marriage and she’s just hired a divorce attorney. Woody is upset and back in his room he calls this woman named Gisele (Jessica Berry), a regular club customer who appeared in a few earlier episodes, and the two of them have sex.

Dmitri continues spending time with Lauren and tries to get her to convince Harris to meet with him. But Dmitri is also still worried about his career. And he gets bad news from his doctor and his coach when he meets with them, as the doctor tells him that because of some other problem they won’t be able to perform the surgery to repair his rotator cuff anytime soon, which means Dmitri is going to miss even more football games. Another big problem is that unbeknownst to him, Brenda is stalking him and Lauren, and does something at the end of the episode that could mean big trouble.

A decent episode, the two sex scenes are fire, but I do feel like some of these storylines are dragging a bit, hopefully it picks up the pace in the next episode.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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