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Here’s a 2003 film from Torchlight Pictures. And I’m just going to go ahead and “spoil” the plot, such as it is.

Billed a Francis Locke production, written (barely) by Billy Martin and directed by Jeff Bay it stars Mindy Vega and Nina Dolci as Elaina and Jackie, two women who are friends. One afternoon Jackie comes over to Elaina’s apartment and invites her to come with her to a male strip club, saying she just met this stripper at a mall and he gave her two free tickets. Elaina isn’t interested but Jackie starts telling her how hot it could be if she hooks up with a stripper, and both women get turned on and have sex on Elaina’s couch. The ease with which this happens suggests that this isn’t the first time for these otherwise platonic friends.

After they finish, they hear some strange banging noises coming from the apartment next door. Elaina says she’s been hearing those noises for weeks and doesn’t know what’s going on over there. They get dressed and go over and knock on the door and meet Lance (Frank Anthony), the man who lives there. He tells them he’s an artist and apologizes for the noise, but when they ask what the noise is, he acts nervous and just says bye and closes the door. The women think that’s odd, but head off to the strip club.

For the record, Mindy, Nina, and Frank are the only cast credits in the film. So I can’t say who’s playing the next three characters in the film.

At the club, Jackie buys a private show from the stripper she met before (he looks familiar, but I can’t recall from where), and that turns to sex. Then Jackie offers to a private show for Elaina, but Elaina declines, saying “I only like girls, anyway.” Well, the female waitress at the club says that she’s “allowed to get frisky” if she wants to, and she takes Elaina by the hand into a backroom and they have sex.

The ladies go back to Elaina’s apartment building, and they see a woman about to go into Lance’s apartment, so they stop her and ask if she knows Lance and knows what all the noise is about it. But the woman, named Vicky, is rude to them, telling them if the noise bothers them to get some earplugs and mind their own business. The women are confused and go to Elaina’s apartment, and listen through the wall as Vicky and Lance have sex.

After sex, Vicky and Lance have a suspicious conversation about hiding a body, and Vicky worried that Elaina and Jackie are too nosey and could find out something, but Lance says he’ll “take care” of Elaina. Jackie is convinced that Lance must be a killer and tells Elaina to stay in and lock the door while she goes to get the police. After she leaves, Lance comes over, and Elaina happily lets him in and then goes over to his apartment when he says he wants to show her something.

So I guess she wasn’t that scared.

Lance shows Elaina a sculpture he’s made of a naked female bust. He tells her he’s been working on it for 14 weeks, that’s what all the banging noise was. And he says that she was his inspiration for it. And Vicky is his agent, and she brought him a check for $1 million that someone just paid to buy it. Elaina is impressed, and just then Jackie arrives with two policemen to have Lance arrested (I’m pretty sure it’s not that easy), but Elaina explains what’s going on, and since the cops didn’t find any “body” in the apartment, they leave. And then Elaina and Lance have sex.

So I guess she’s no longer only into girls (at least not when the guy just earned $1 million).


So it’s the type of bare-bones plot that is typical of these Torchlight films. The only thing that saves it is the sex scenes. I’ve got to say that they all look very realistic, which makes them hot. But that’s the only part where the actors are convincing, when it comes to delivering dialog they all speak like they’re reading lines off of a cue card.

From watching this I assumed that they’re all hardcore pornstars, as Torchlight has been known to cast. But the IMDB pages for Mindy Vega and Frank Anthoney, just have them each with a few credits that were from other Torchlight films, so I don’t know if they maybe did porn under other names, or not. Nina Dolci on the other hand does have quite a background, she’s actually Sabrina Sidoti, and has done porn as well as 5 years in prison for some kind of connection to the mafia. Heavy stuff.

Anyway, this is one of those I’d say if you’d only watch to skip forward to the sex scenes. Chacebook rating: THREE AND HALF STARS

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