Family secrets are revealed when Dr. Goodman confronts his grandfather, the original supervillain, Sci-Fighter, ready to come out of retirement with a whole lifetime of pent-up frustrations to release! The epic conclusion […]


THE MYSTERY OF ROBOY IS REVEALED! The mad cyborg Gepetto tells Roboy the story of his creation and how Gepetto tragically lost his humanity. Now, Gepetto wants to turn Roboy into the […]

X #16

X has faced some tough foes in his vigilante career—but even Berkshire, Deathwish, and the Dogs of War were still regular humans! Now, a case of mistaken identity has pitted X against […]


When professional boxer Kameron Kash, NFL player Broderick McFadden, soccer star Mike Lion and singer/entertainer Marley White get signed to exclusive contracts…they start to make dollars, but not a whole lot of […]

X #15

With Arcadia in the grip of a war between the old gangs and the newly arrived militia known as “The Chosen,” mob boss Carmine Tango arranges a meeting with a visiting billionaire. […]


I decided to do something a little different this morning and go Old School, revisiting this classic 1980’s teen comedy. And in the 1980’s teen comedies tending to revolve around several variations […]


Powerful young Lester’s heart is broken in the worst possible way, while a galaxy away, Dr. Goodman receives a rude wake-up call… Creator Caio Oliveira writes and draws this 2nd issue of […]


This 1996 film is written by Steve Armogida and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the name Peter Daniels). Griffen Drew plays Kristy, a wealthy heiress who is engaged to Jack (Tim […]