Erotic Secrets


From Moonlight Erotica, written by Gerard Blaque and directed by Charles Bland (as Robert Amante), this isn’t really much of a movie. Like Baby Doll Diaries and Candy Stripers Over the Edge, this is excuse to air a bunch of disconnected vignets. The premise is that five women, played by Mandell Maughan, Jill Michelle, Lisa Marie Hall, Monica Huntington, and Dana Kellar play 5 different women who are all going to some hot party one night. They all get into an elevator to get to the top of the building where the party is being held, but the elevator gets stuck, and they’re told it will take an hour to fix it. Thankfully one of the women has a bottle of wine on her, which she was bringing for the party, so they all sit down and pass that around, and start talking. The talking to turns to sex, and over the course of the rest of the film we get 4 vignettes showing the stories the women tell, either of experiences they had, or that they’ve heard from others.

In the first story, Lisa Marie Hall’s character talks about a time her and her boyfriend, played by Matt Martinec, had sex in a nightclub, while it was open. They start off kissing on the dancefloor, then sneak off to a backroom or something and have sex. The scene lasts for about 5 minutes.

The second story has Katja Kassin and Angela Stone playing two college students who stay after class one day to talk to their professor, played by Franco Del Torro about their grades. In order to entice him to give them better grades, the two women start having sex on his desk, while he sits and watches, until the grab him to join them. This scenes lasts about 8 minutes.

The third story has Dana’s character talking about going to a sex club, to meet and have sex with a professional male escort, played by John Esposito. This is the longest scene at about 11 minutes, and is actually the best scene in this “film.” Dana and John have great chemistry and it really comes through in this scene.

The fourth and finale scene has Kelle Marie as a bartender and Leah Jaye as a customer who waits late until every else has left, so she can come on to her. And the two ladies have lesbian sex in the empty bar. This scenes lasts about 10 minutes.

In between and after each of the vignettes are scenes of the women in the elevator talking about sex, what they like and don’t like, their partners, etc. To be honest, I fast-fowarded through most of it. Nothing stands out, I couldn’t even keep track of most of the characters names, I had to learn that by reading the credits afterward. Overall, this film could have been much better. The premise is decent enough to support an actual film, but it needed more vignettes to take up time than the 4 we got. And they all should have involved the 5 women in the main cast. There is also a 5-minute “Making of” segment on this DVD, which gives a little more insight into the background, most notably that it was originally called GIRL TALK CONFIDENTIAL (and apparently filmed back in 2007, although it is copyright 2010, and only released on DVD last year). This film also promises a sequel (listed here as Girl Talk Confidential 2: Passion Party) that, as far as I can tell, as not actually be made (or, if so, it hasn’t been released yet).

Chacebook rating: 2 STARS


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  1. If I described a film to you that I’ve wanted to know the name of for years, do you think you could name it for me?


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