Nikki Fritz R.I.P.

Well, here’s a damn depressing post to have to write, especially coming so closely on the heels of my post acknowledging the death of Lisa Comshaw. I saw online the other day that softcore legend Nikki Fritz passed away from Cancer. I haven’t been able to confidently confirm her age (actresses are, of course, notorious for lying about their age, for the sake of their careers), it appears that her birthday is April 7th, but I’ve seen conflicting reports that put her birth year as either 1968 or 1964, meaning she was a few months shy of turning either 52 or 56. Either way, that’s too damn young to go.

To be clear, when I say legend, I don’t use the word lightly. Anyone familiar with the modern history of the softcore film genre, what I would call the “Skinemax era” beginning in the early 1990’s, would surely agree with me that if there were a Softcore Hall of Fame, Nikki Fritz would unquestioningly be an early inductee. From 1993 when her acting career really began in earnest in the film BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND (she had a couple of little roles before that), which I remember seeing at the time and taking notice of the hot sex scene she appeared in, to when she officially retired in 2005 (she has a few credits listed up to 2018, but I think those are just re-issues of earlier films) she amassed over 60 credits.

A tall voluptuous dark-haired brunette, that woman was stunningly beautiful. Her large breasts were obviously fake, but not distractingly so. Like Miss Comshaw she came about in the era were acting ability was as important to physical attractiveness, and Nikki Fritz proved herself to be quite an accomplished actress, who was always convincing in her roles, whether playing the innocent woman or the conniving seductress. Over the years I’ve reviewed many of her projects here on Chacebook, with my two favorite films being 2000’s SEX, SECRETS & BETRAYAL and 2004’s, SINFUL OBSESSION. She also had a starring role in the softcore TV series NIGHTCAP. It was in the later in the 5th episode SEDUCTIVE FORTUNE that she had a love scene with LEANNA SCOTT, which I raved about at the time.

Any excuse to repost this screencap!


In a first season episode of the series Beverly Hills Bordello called DRAWING THE LINE she had an extended scene with Daneen Boone. Together those are two of THE hottest softcore lesbian sex scenes I’ve ever seen!

She’d also occasionally pop up in small roles in some mainstream productions, such as playing a stripper, alongside Tane McClure in 1999’s star-studded film GO, and the 2000 Donnie Wahlberg drama DIAMOND MEN.

In 2003 she married Jonathan Morgan, one of the most popular adult film stars turned filmmakers from the 1990’s (he was one of my favorites, back in the day). She may have done some limited work in hardcore films herself, as I’ve seen snippets of a hardcore lesbian scene of her with the Late Lorissa McComas floating around online, but it doesn’t look like she did any boy/girl scenes.

I hadn’t kept up with her activities since her softcore retirement. I remember finding her on Facebook some years ago, and from scanning her posts she appeared to have become rightwing conservative, which I found a bit odd considering her professional background (same thing with Kara Styler, whom I’ve written about before, I just don’t get that) but to each his own. Nothing can take away from her impressive body of work, and the joy she brought myself and many other viewers during her lifetime. I am sorry to hear of her passing, and wish the best for her loved ones whom she left behind. But she will live on in our memories.


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  1. She was voluptuous but not tall however she was one of the hottest and most iconic softcore actress of the era. This is really sad specially because she was too young.


  2. I was a member of Nikki’s website back in the early days. She was active with fans and we exchanged emails a few times. She was always conservative. She was a huge advocate for the 2nd Amendment and a member of the NRA

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      • Ironic I’ve found her pass while looking for pictures of her early career at age 18 – 25. Terrible loss. Always wanted to get to know her. Most people in this line of work think that any dimished appearance with age changes what people think about them.Shame she had to live life in secret (info about her goings on is notoriously scarce to no. existant. Also I don’t mean in the creepy way.) Seemed like a generally intriguing person, again would’ve love to get to know her in a proper way, and I don’t mean sexually or In person, hope she found support and wasn’t alone while battling or alone when she passed.
        Rest in Peace.

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      • Hey, Gerald, thanks for reading!

        It’s true that there’s not much info about her after her acting career, but I don’t think it’s matter of feeling any shame of think she needed to live her life in secret, I think she just wanted her privacy, as she was no longer a public figure. At least I hope that’s all it was.


  3. This has been like, the saddest five minutes I’ve ever had. I just finished reading about Lisa Comshaw. And then this shit pops up. wtf. I have a lot of favorites but these two were on that list. They were not bad actors either.
    That sucks. Rest-easy. Hopd to see you on the other side.

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  4. I knew Nikki before she started her career when I was a guard I used to escort her to her car from work every time she came in she always made me laugh and I always make sure she was safe and sometimes she would forget her bag in her car and I would get it for her and bring it to her and she always had that beautiful smile and always gave me a hug and a kiss I’ll never forget you Nikki your friend Mark

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